Lord Vishnu Idol

SKU: CSP10076-P

Rs. 174,684

Let The Protector Of The Universe , Protect You From All Evil!


Height : 6.4 Cms

Width :  2.6 Cms

Weight : 26.920 Grams 22k Gold

Please Note The Product Weight May Differ Once Ordered Due To Its Hand Crafted  Nature, In case of excess weight client will have to bear the difference & In case of lesser weight EF-IF Diamonds will refund the balance amount to you.

Metal Type:
Metal Colour:
Product Code: CSP10076-P
Metal Purity 22K
Metal Type Yellow Gold
Metal Weight (grams) 26.920
Diamond Quality: NO DIAMOND
Setting Type: Antique
Shape: NO Diamond
Total Diamonds: 0
Total Weight (carats) : 0
Component Rate Weight Value
Gold (including value additions) 6,300/gram 26.920 169,596
GST 3% 5,088
Grand Total Rs. 174,684

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