Mrs. Vaishnavi Swaminathan

Diamond is every girls best friend and definitely is mine too! If your someone who loves a fascinating and unique range of diamond jewellery cut and polished to the highest standard EF-IF is the one for you. There’s never been a time I’ve visited and something hasn’t caught my eye. They provide great service , very customer friendly and have the most beautiful designs that you definitely will not find anywhere else. My personal favourite place is EF-IF diamond jewellers.


Mrs. Nidhi Rohit

My first purchase from EF-IF was a beautiful pendant set that my husband had bought for me when our first child was born. It was extremely special for our family on the whole and since then we have only been going to EF-IF for all our diamond jewellery purchases. Great designs and value for money is what I look for while purchasing my jewellery and thanks to EF-IF that’s exactly what I got!


Mrs. Pavithra

First of all, congratulations to the EF-IF team on your yet another milestone with this website. Our association goes way back and it;s just right to say that your customer service and sustained quality have had our relationship intact over generations. Diamonds are emotions and that is why I had bought both of my daughter's first neck piece from EF IF and they sparkle as bright as my kid's smile. Thank you and here's to more. Wish you all the best in all your endeavours.