• At EF-IF, we understand the importance of saving and provide you with a platform to channelize your hard earned money into systematic savings. Join our ‘Muhurtha Vairam Diamond Jewellery Savings Scheme’ - an investment that we believe would be beneficial for you and your family.
  • The scheme involves a simple process wherein you allocate a portion of your money every month towards the scheme. You can join the scheme by paying a monthly instalment amount of your choice, ranging from Rs.2,500 upto Rs.1,00,000. The instalment amount would have to paid continuously every month for a period of 11 months.
  • On accumulation of the amount at the end of the 11th month, we give you the benefit of one extra month wherein, the instalment amount for the 12th month would be invested by us. On completion of the 12th month, you can purchase any diamond jewellery of your choice, either online or by visiting our store.
  • Under this scheme, you get to buy more than what you have paid for. In addition to the ‘1 Month Bonus’, you also get a special diamond jewellery product as a gift from EF-IF.
  • We strongly believe that with this scheme you can prepare yourself for important occasions in future be it your child’s marriage or any other special occasion. To make your experience effortless, you can download our savings scheme app using the link below:

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