Bangles That Mesmerize

Bangles or fondly called bangdi in the north and valayal in the south have long been a part of the Indian tradition. From the ladies of the royal households to the ordinary women, every wrist in India has been adorned by some type of bangle at some point in time.

Bangles are considered a symbol of pride for Indian women who believe in never keeping their wrists empty. The modern Indian woman is embracing these age-old traditions in new and fancy ways. The rise in preference for diamond bangles ever the traditional gold bangle is one trend that has picked up well in
the recent past. Diamonds are considered a statement of luxury, and when added to bangles, they truly are a class apart.



At EF-IF Diamonds, one can witness a whole range of diamond bangles with something for everyone. The classic closed setting bangles set in 22kt gold come in various designs and are considered the safest for everyday wear. For someone who wants something more unconventional, the open-setting bangles
set in 18kt gold are for you. While this setting may not be the best for everyday wear, it brings out the maximum brilliance in the diamonds. Apart from this, the latest addition in our diamond bangle collection is the ultra light-weight bangles which are uber-chic and super light in weight making them quite a budget-friendly choice.

Designs that Dazzle

Motifs using flowers, geometric shapes, leaves, etc. are all some of the designs one can expect to see in our diamond bangle collection. If you are someone who wants to keep it simple, then the single diamond bangle with a string of single diamonds set next to each other in a continuous pattern is for you. You can choose diamonds from as small as 1 cent to 1 carat each to customize the bangles of your choice.



In marriages, bangles play a very special role. A bride is truly incomplete without those scintillating pairs of bangles matching or rather complementing the rest of her jewelry. One trend that is quite a hit amongst brides is layering bangles. Put a Kada-type broad bangle in between two-single line diamonds, and you simply can go wrong with this. Add as many layers as you want in a similar manner and on a budget you can afford.



Witness our exclusive diamond bangle collection either on our website or drop into our store. Be assured you have a treat in store for you! Every Diamond bangle at EF-IF is in-house certified and made using the finest quality diamonds in DEF color and IF-VVS1 Clarity. Adorn your wrists with our magical bangles and make heads turn!


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