Norms For International Shipping

These are the rules and regulations applicable to all international shipping
transactions. We want to ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery of your
products and hence request you to adhere to the following norms:

1. All payments towards a product purchase should be made from a single
bank account. Payments are to be made only in foreign currency via a wire
transfer to our designated bank accounts.

2. As per RBI guidelines, if payments are received from outside India in
foreign currency then the product has to be exported outside India. Under no
circumstances, we will be able to deliver the product within India.

3. Likewise, if payments are received in India from an Indian bank account
then products cannot be exported outside India.

4. Kindly mention the purpose code as AS SO103 (advance against imports)
in the remarks column while transferring the funds. Also kindly mention the
remittance purpose as ‘Purchase of gold ornaments for personal use only’.

5. Shipping charges for the product will vary based on size, weight and
value of shipment along with location of delivery. Kindly check with our team
for the exact shipping charges as applicable to your product / products.

6. The product can be shipped only to the country of the payer of the product.
We will not be able to ship it elsewhere.

7. The product can be shipped only once the payment has been received by
us in full.

8. Delivery durations for all shipments are not in our control. An estimated
shipping date cannot be issued by the shipping agency or by us. However, a
tracking number will be provided and you can track the shipment using the

9. After your payment / order / purchase, if there is any kind of delay by the
shipping company then EF-IF Diamonds will not be held responsible for the
same, as it is solely a third party we are relying on.

10. If a product is lost and remains undelivered upto 120 business days from
date of dispatch then EF-IF Diamonds will initiate the insurance process.
Shipping charges will not be refunded under any circumstances. Customers
can purchase another product against the value of the shipment lost /
undelivered. If the client wishes to reship the product then all shipping charges
/ taxes will be borne by the client.

11. In case a product is not accepted by the customer and is returned to the
origin, freight charges and any duties levied will be borne by the customer.

12. Once the payment is received from overseas towards purchase / order of
a product, it cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

13. Any duties / taxes as applicable in the recipient's country will have to be
borne by the buyer. Currently there are no taxes levied in India against
exports. In the event of taxes being levied in India, the same will be borne by
the buyer.

14. Please ensure to provide us the complete and correct name, address and
contact details for delivery.

15. Clients have to be physically present during delivery with their
appropriate ID proofs. Kindly intimate us on receiving the product.

16. EF-IF Diamond Jewellery reserves the right to modify the aforesaid rules
/ regulations at any given point in time without prior information to the clients.


Do not accept the parcel if you notice any signs of it being opened or
mishandled already. Please report to your nearest post office if the parcel is
broken or tampered with immediately without any delay.

Please take a video of opening the shipment immediately upon delivery. This
is for the purpose of insurance incase of damage or tampering of ornament
during the shipment.

However, sometimes parcels are opened and checked for customs purpose
and such parcels come with a note which says ‘Opened for customs”. Kindly
accept such parcels and take a video in case of missing contents.