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Muhurtha Vairam – Diamond buying made easy!

Looking for an easy, smart or convenient way to own the jewellery you love? Explore EF-IF’s “Muhurtha Vairam” Diamond Jewellery Savings Plan right away!

Get your wish-list ready, for affordable jewellery is now within your reach.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select a plan of your choice (Savings value range from 5,000 – 25,000 & above)

Step 2: Pay monthly installments as per your plan for 11 months (Pay through our App, UPI, Net Banking or Post-Dated Cheques)

Step 3: Get the 12th month installment free! EF-IF will invest for you.

Step 4: Fill up a simple form with your details.

Step 5: As per your plan’s redeemable value, buy EF-IF’s choicest diamond jewellery after 12 months! (Visit our store or buy online on our website)

Looking for that extra happiness?

  • Add a cherry to your pie! Get a Diamond Nose-Pin as a complimentary gift for joining our scheme.
  • Avail a bonus of one month’s payment in your savings plan, EF-IF sponsors it for you.
  • Not in Chennai? Nothing’s keeping you from selecting your diamonds - We’re just a video call away!

Why ‘Muhurtha Vairam’? 

  • Plan, Save, Invest, Reap. It’s a safe, secure and smart route to purchase your diamond jewellery.
  • No more digging deep into pockets. Affordable, quality diamonds are now yours to treasure & enjoy! 
  • Sow your seed, reap your harvest. A marriage? Daughter’s 18th birthday? Wedding anniversary? Indulge happily in a long-cherished dream of buying diamonds for that special occasion.








It’s as simple as it seems! To invest in our Savings Plan, Download our App below:

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EFIF Diamonds Savings Plan
EFIF Diamonds Savings Plan