Heart Initial Ring

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This stunning Ring For Womenis set in 18K Rose Gold (2.00 gms) in The World’s Finest Diamonds (0.16 cents) in DEF Colour and IF-VVS1 Clarity.

This is a completely Personalised Diamond Ring For Womenwhere you can select your Gold Color & your Initials.

Choose your preferred Ring For Womensize & place your order & We will manufacture it according to your requirement & Ship it to you in 30 working days.

Please Note all colour stones will be synthetic colour stones.  

Please Note The Product Weight May Differ Once Ordered Due To Its Hand Crafted Nature, In case of excess weight client will have to bear the difference & In case of lesser weight EF-IF Diamonds will refund the balance amount to you.


Product Code: OSR B50017
Metal Purity 18k
Metal Type Optional
Metal Weight (grams) 2.00
Diamond Quality: DEF-IF-VVS1
Setting Type: Open Setting
Shape: Round
Total Diamonds: 18
Total Weight (carats) : 0.15
Color Stone: Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire
Number of Stones: 16
Total Value: 24000
Component Rate Weight Value
Gold 18k (including value additions) 7,100/gram 2.00 14,200
Colored Stones 24000
Diamond (upto 0.07 Ct) 69,000/carat 0.15 10,350
GST 3% 1,457
Grand Total Rs. 50,007

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