Senior Graphic Designer at EF-IF Diamond Jewellery

Senior Graphic Designer at EF-IF Diamond Jewellery

I joined EF-IF a Senior Graphic Designer. Under the mentorship of Mr.Karan Bothra, I experienced on how graphic designing plays a vital role in bringing new customers through social media. I had all the freedom to create new designs and was appreciated by the whole team which motivated me to create more interesting designs, from social media post to print mediums.

The whole team of EF IF and entire staffs were very supportive and helpful throughout my duration in the office. It was a nice opportunity to showcase my skills and learn new things and different software like adobe after effects. It was a great experience overall and an important milestone in my career development. I sincerely thank EF-IF for the opportunity given to me. On the Whole EF-IF is a nice place to work, learn and explore more skills.

By Nivetita

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