A Design Intern Student at EF-IF

As an undergraduate accessory design student, I've always been passionate about jewellery designing and was intrigued by the way one can weave unique stories around each piece of jewellery design. I find happiness in expressing my individuality through the unique forms and designs I create.

I did my Graduation project at EF IF with the best guidance possible. Under the mentorship of Mr Karan Bothra, I had the opportunity to learn everything about precious jewellery from designing to understanding technical parameters like gold weight, diamond details etc.

The learning was not limited only to jewellery designing, it was an overall exposure in terms of design aesthetics, sketching, rendering, CAD, manufacturing and jewellery photography.

At EF IF I had the freedom to explore and build my skills in a friendly and supportive environment. I would like to extend my gratitude to my colleagues Ms Garima Gunjan, Ms Nishitha Sabapathy, Mr Mohammad Habib, Mr Showrabh, Ms Sejal, and Mrs Aarthi who were eager to teach me as much as they can to make my experience worthwhile.

Here are some of my Design






Thank you EF-IF for giving me this opportunity.
- By Joshitha Shree

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