Vaira Valayal Vizha - An Exclusive Diamond Bangle Festival

EF-IF Diamond Jewellery is launching its Diwali special ‘Vaira Valayal Vizha’. Vaira Valayal Vizha will be held from October 10th to 25th.

This festive season, with the Vaira Valayal Vizha for bangle collection, is the celebration of the feminine spirit, no matter what role she plays – a caring mother, a doting sister, an entrepreneur
Or a loving wife!

Drawing inspiration from various sources, our bangle collection is focused on discerning consumers who combine tradition with modernity. It is affordable, and contemporary yet has a traditional look and feel.
Colors, cuts, and textures explode in the bust of romantic jewelry, reflecting the captivating natural world of diamonds.
Jewelry is special. It lasts a lifetime. It has always been an emotional and sentimental experience that evokes wonderful memories while still giving pleasure for years ahead. When buying for yourself or for others, one has to have an understanding of the qualities and characteristics of jewelry.

We at EF-IF use certified diamonds of Clarity grade IF-VVS1'' in all our jewllery. Our Jewellery is manufactured in-house. Hence all the middlemen charges are taken off & benefits passed on to our clients. We strive to provide our customers with a retail experience at a wholesale price.

Vaira Valayal Vizha has a wide range of bangles from heavy traditional intricate designs to simple daily wear contemporary jewelry. We have ensured that our collection is touching all price points from Rs. 75000 to up to Rs. 10,00,000 & more to make it available, affordable & desirable for all customers. Even if you’re not able to make the purchase this time due to the price point, we also have an option of a savings plan where we allow our customers to set a goal on the product and choose the savings plan accordingly. Our bangle collection is Intensely exceptional, handcrafted, and designed with tradition. It’s a symbol of values that can be passed on to generations. Bangles can hold different meanings for different people. For some, it might be just another accessory, while for others, it is a part of their family heritage. We believe in transparency and there are no hidden charges.

The meticulously crafted diamond bangles are available at a wholesale price only for you with this Vaira Valayal Vizha.

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