Every diamond has four important characteristics also called the Four C’s – Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. At EF-IF, we are very clear of what we are selling – Nothing But The Best! E-F stands for the Colour and IF being ‘Internally Flawless’ stands for the Clarity of diamonds that we use in our jewellery. Both are considered to be the best grades of a diamond and hence the name ‘EF-IF’.
Dosham or a black-spot is an irregularity or impurity in a diamond found in diamonds of VVS Clarity and below. This decreases the value of a diamond and is considered unlucky. We assure you that all our diamonds are 100% dosham-free and hence are of the best quality.
Yes. On all products purchased from us, we offer lifetime buy-back and exchange option. You can exchange the product for its current value with deductions towards making charges, wastage and coloured stone charges. In the event of buyback, 90% of the total product value will be refunded after taking into consideration the aforementioned deductions.
Being manufacturers of diamonds and diamond jewellery allows us to sell our products at a highest discount as we are able to cut down on any kind of dealer, transportation, intermediary costs that are generally borne by the end user.
Yes. All our products will be accompanied with an in-house certificate containing all the specifications of the product, certifying the authenticity of the same.
You can clean your diamond jewellery regularly by soaking it in warm soapy water using a mild detergent. Use a soft brush to remove grease or dirt around the prongs.
Real diamonds have been created naturally through intense levels of heat and pressure deep within the ground. However, Synthetic or cultured diamonds are created in the laboratory and must be legally declared as such. All diamonds used in the jewellery manufactured by us are 100% Natural and Real Diamonds.
On a brilliant full-cut diamond, there are 58 facets – 32 facets plus the table above the girdle and 24 facets plus the cutlet below the girdle.