NIFT Design Intern's Experience at EF-IF

 An Intern Expressing Her Views On working With EF-IF

I was in my college Final year pursuing Accessories design ,when I had to do my Graduation project in an industry which gives you creative space to explore and experiment new ideas .

I joined EF-IF as an intern for 6 months to do my Graduation project.Under the mentorship of Mr.Karan Bothra, I gained experience on how designing plays a vital role in any retail sector. I understood the challenges in manufacturing the product as per the design specifications. I had all the creative freedom to create new designs and was appreciated by the whole team which motivated me to create more interesting designs. Sales and marketing plays a vital role in new product development. I was priviliged to have an opportunity to interact with the customers.

The whole team of EF IF - Mrs.Latika Sandeep ,Mrs.Shruti Bothra and Entire staff were very supportive and helpful throughout my graduation project.It was this opportunity which transformed me from a design student to a professional designer. Completing my journey as an intern, I joined EF IF as a designer , hoping to add on to the company's grace.It was a great experience overall and an important milestone in my career development


Here are some of Her Design's








By Mansi 

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