The three musketeers are shining like diamonds with their radiating entrepreneurship

The cheerless dark chunk of coal buried deep down in the dirt does not acknowledge that it has the potential to radiate as a lustrous diamond under pressure. Likewise, three women unknown of their worth set out to dazzle in the business world. Let us read on to know how they are brilliantly managing the diamond business.

Lathika studied the market and saw how diamond lovers were overcharged for substandard quality while buying the precious stone. Sometimes customers are fooled due to a lack of knowledge about diamonds. It propelled her to establish a transparent EF-IF Diamond Jewellery Retail to provide purity at economical prices.


Lathika resolved to put an end to customer exploitation with the birth of EF-IF Diamond Jewellery. Lathika took care of hunting for a shop location, hiring staff, and coordinating so that they become the backbone of their business. Shruti is the head of the accounts department and manages the international market via e-commerce. The trio emphasized providing limitless jewelry options and exquisite diamond designs. They accentuate healthy relationships with their clients by restoring trust and confidence with their products and round-the-clock services.

Seven years ago, Lathika decided to expand the family business of diamond wholesaling and manufacturing. Initially, she operated from her house. Lathika, Navita, and Shruti came together to run an all-women team by starting their exclusive diamond jewelry retail shop. They shared similar enthusiasm and attributes that one needs to establish a successful business.


Navita and Lathika are not only sisters but also qualified gemologists. Apart from that, they have acquired a master’s degree in management that provides them with the know-how of executing their responsibilities as entrepreneurs efficiently. The duo grew up watching their family dealing with diamond manufacture and wholesale business. Their co-sister, Shruti pitched in after getting married into the family. She is a qualified chartered accountant who has also rich knowledge about diamonds. She believes that an idea is the beginning of all good things. She urges everyone to trust his or her instincts and have faith in the abilities to embark on the journey of success. Lathika was only 26 when she was inspired by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw to initiate the project of her diamond business.

Entering the business world needed abundant patience, knowledge, and the ability to build trust and confidence with the clients. It goes a long way in establishing long-term relationships with their customers. Further, a successful business relies deeply on its team members.


“Entrepreneurship can also teach you lessons that you can apply in your personal lives. Heading a team would require reconciling differences in opinions and this skill comes in handy in interpersonal relationships. Patience is also one virtue that entrepreneurship teaches you,” says Lathika

Today, Lathika along with Navita and Shruti steer their exclusive jewelry shop in the hub of Chennai. Their precious stones were symbols of high quality. EF-IF is renowned for its impeccable diamond at the most competitive price. The EF-IF’s team are exceptional gemologists who ensure that each stone shimmers with its uniqueness. EF-IF’s gems are hallmarks of ingenuity. The profound knowledge of the experts at EF-IF draws out each stone’s clarity, cut, color, and carat that speaks volumes of its innate beauty.

EF-IF Diamond Jewellery has been on a winning streak by winning South India’s ‘Most Trusted Diamond Jeweller Award’ for three consecutive years, that is, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Besides, it has also won for its best audio-visual advertisement.

 EF-IF Diamond Jewellery has been Awarded Most Trusted Diamond Jeweller By The Times Group for the year 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021.


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